The Food Is The Focus

“What we take into our bodies becomes part of us, that’s why we source our ingredients from Big Island farms and ranches that care deeply about the quality of their ingredients and the global impact of their methods.


First, you taste the difference, then you feel the difference.”

-Chef Makani Carzino

Founder of Ultimate Burger

Fresh ground,grass-fed big island beef
organic produce from big island farms
daily, fresh-cut fries
local Fresh caught Fish
Local Organic Salads
Chef Makani on KHON
Chef Makani on KHON I September 2020

In 1794 Captain Vancouver returned to the Big Island and presented the King with a dozen cattle and suggested that they be protected for 10 years and allowed to multiply.

Kamehameha took this to heart and placed a ban on the hunting of cattle that wasn’t lifted for 36 years, at which point Kamehameha the Third introduced the Paniolos – Hawaiian Cowboys, and thus begun the Hawaiian cattle industry.

Big Island beef is some of the best quality around, as the ranchers raise grass-fed, anti-biotic, and hormone-free cattle which is leaner and healthier than mainland grain-fed beef.

Local Organic Salads

We work with Big Island farmers who grow their own certified organic crops. From our organic, mixed green salad to our butter lettuce and Hamakua mushrooms.

We Support Big Island Farmers

Chef Makani takes pride in sourcing our ingredients from Big Island farms. Some of our customer favorites include our fresh pineapples, avocados, tomatoes, and iced green tea.

Daily Fresh Cut Fries

Fresh cut daily "Big Daddy" Idaho potatoes, seasoned with finely chopped organic thyme, parsley, and kosher salt. Served with Chef Makani's top-secret aioli sauce.

Ultimate Burger provides organic food items Hawaii-Kona burger restaurant-organic beef burgers-grass fed big island beef-Big Island Restaurant

Locally Caught Fresh Fish

Our fish is always freshly caught off the Kona coast. If you're eating it today that means it was swimming yesterday. Our local Big Island fishermen bring us their catch each day and we update our menu accordingly.


Local Favorites

Ultimate Burger provides organic food items hawaii-kona burger restaurant-organic beef burgers-grass fed big island beef-Big Island Restaurant

Monday - Thursday 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

Friday - Saturday 11:00 am - 8:30 pm

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