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'Ultimate Burger' stacks up to its reputation

Big Island-based eatery to test Oahu market on Wednesdays

Right now, the Ultimate Burger's only brick-and-mortar location can be found at Kona Commons on the Big Island. But owners Jeff Carzino and spouse/chef, Windy Gerardi, hope to soon change that. Starting Wednesday, August 17, Carzino and Gerardi will give Oahu residents a taste of their "ultimate" burger, which is composed of 100 percent grass-fed, free-range beef from local ranchers. "We try to use everything local, from the tomatoes to the brioche bun," Carzino says. "And everything is made fresh, including our sauces and our 'utlimate' fries, which are freshly cut every morning." With the exception of their fish dish, the entire menu will be available on Wednesdays at the Farmer's Market at the Blaisdell. "It'll taste exactly like the burger if you were to have it at our Big Island restaurant," Carzino points out. "Our menu is pretty simple - it's all about burgers and fries." Prices range from $3 for a keiki slider to $15 for the "TKO 4x4." In between, a basic burger costs $5 and a single order of french fries topped with fresh chopped parsley and thyme runs $3. "We called it the ultimate burger for a reason," Carzino says. "They're high-end, made-to-order burgers."

Ultimate Burger

Wednesdays at the Farmers Market at Blaisdell Center Kona Commons

Big Island

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